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Tooth Extractions – Claremore, OK

We Handle Extractions Smoothly & Comfortably

At Flawless Smiles Dentistry, we always want to help patients to keep their healthy, natural teeth for life. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the right thing to help patients maintain their optimal level of oral health. When necessary, our skilled dentistry team offers both surgical and nonsurgical tooth extraction for Claremore dental patients. These treatments are only recommended when absolutely necessary to preserve oral health. If you want to learn more about tooth extraction or dental restoration options, call our Claremore dental office to schedule an appointment today. We’ll be happy to help you repair your damaged teeth and recreate a flawless smile.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Young woman having tooth removed

We’ll do what we can to repair and preserve healthy tooth structures, but there are many cases where tooth extraction is necessary to help patients maintain their oral health. Some of the common reasons we recommend tooth extraction include:

Wisdom Teeth

Clasp holding extracted tooth

Wisdom teeth are extracted for a variety of reasons. The most common is simply lack of space along the jawline for this third set of molars. These teeth were a necessary part of the anatomy for our ancient human ancestors whose coarse diet and inadequate oral hygiene led to advanced tooth loss by the late teens or early 20s. However, our processed diets and improved oral hygiene have made this third set of molars almost completely unnecessary. For this reason, patients may not have room within their smiles for wisdom teeth, which can lead to crowding, shifting teeth out of alignment, or causing impaction (teeth that are unable to fully erupt). To preserve oral health, we may recommend the removal of wisdom teeth.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Young girl receiving tooth extraction

Depending on whether or not your tooth has fully erupted, we may need to “pull” the tooth or surgically extract it. Pulling is only possible if a tooth has fully emerged from the gum line. Once the tooth has erupted, we use tools to shift it back and forth until it breaks free from the supportive structures. Surgical extractions may involve cutting away soft tissue to reveal additional tooth structure, drilling into supportive alveolar bone, and even breaking the tooth into smaller pieces, depending on your unique situation.

Caring for Your Smile After Tooth Removal

Smiling man in dental chair

Following the extraction of one or more teeth, we’ll provide you with specific aftercare instructions for your unique circumstances. The basics to keep in mind include:

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